Book Reviews


Insert an awesome book quote here, problem is I don’t have one. I always loved reading as a kid. I would go to the library and check out as many books as I could.  At times I didn’t even get to finish the books before they would need to be returned. Somewhere in between I grew up and forgot how much I loved it, until I started again.

The feeling of flipping the pages on a book is a feeling of accomplishment. Being able to connect with a writer trough their thoughts is so inspiring. Sometimes its easier to get to know somebody by what they write than what they say.

In the world we are living now you either see eye to eye or your the enemy. With reading you can learn about someone else’s life and actually understand them. You can read their up bringing and what made them who they are. Its a way to loosen the chain of judgement on a person you don’t know.  I thrive on that human understating of each other, that will allow us to grant grace more easily. So pick up a book and start learning about someone else thoughts, life or convictions. You might learn to see things differently or you might just end up feeling stronger about your own opinions.